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20. Los Angeles.

hella cute, happy, mad, rad, sad and I watch copious amounts of television



Jean Louis Sabaji Spring-Summer 2014




is this a real anime

As for a movie with a non-white lead; if Marvel makes Thor 3 before it makes Black Panther, it will have made ten movies headlined by blond white men named Chris before it makes one movie headlined by someone who isn’t even white. (They can cast a black actor named Chris. That’s totally OK.) —Marvel Studios and diversity, everyone. (From here.)


Apparently it’s one of those days…

Poor Conner


A Glamtastic Flashback: Actress Lupita Nyong’o by Christian MacDonald, Vogue, January 2014.

Photo: Christian MacDonald

im 13 and my boyfriend wants me to spend the night what should i wear




Please take a moment of your day to help this family get a amber alert going for these two little ones. If you see them call police or crime stoppers at 1-800-speakup.

Click here

this is serious, they were in custody of their mother and she was found deceased

What any ally is supposed to do is lift up the voices of the people/groups he/she are allying with. An ally doesn’t talk over the group(s) or people they are trying to support.


ferguson rly teaches a lesson in the lengths police will go to protect each other and white supremacy. they’d rather do all this than arrest one man. 

because he is a cop, and he’s white.

they ‘have each other’s backs’ so doggedly and determinedly that they would sacrifice a town of black people for one white cop

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